Caroline & Darren – Dec 2011 (English)

We had a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka in December 2011. This was made particularly special by Sarath who looked after us like we were good friends of his. He made sure we had the best rooms in every hotel, sampled the tastiest food and got us to all the places we wanted to see quickly and cheerfully.

Sarath is genuinely passionate about showing visitors around his country. He’ll take you to the places you want to see and won’t make unscheduled stops to places you’re not interested in, such as souvenir sellers or gift shops.

Staying in Sarath’s home in Kandy with his family – and very entertaining dog! – was a real highlight. His wife and daughter made us delicious food and he taught us to eat the ‘Sri Lankan way’ with our hands! For our train journey to the hill country we had a packed lunch and a welcome flask of tea for the journey.

We noticed other tourists didn’t spend much time with their drivers in the evenings, but we were only too happy to have a few drinks with Sarath and talk to him about his interesting life in Sri Lanka.

By the end of our nine days with him, we felt lucky to have had such a brilliant driver and felt like we had made a friend. We highly recommend him.