Cynthia & Chun Keat – May 2014 (English)

“My husband and I came back from a wonderful honeymoon in Sri Lanka. When we chose Sri Lanka as our honeymoon destination, many of our friends and family were surprised. Although my husband and I had heard many great things about Sri Lanka, we were a bit worried on travelling in the countries as the attractions were quite scattered all over Sri Lanka. To travel via public transport in a short time would be very challenging. I had heard about Sarath from my colleague who went to Sri Lanka and told us great stories about the country last year. She gave me Sarath’s contact. So after some thoughts given on whether to travel with a tour guide/driver or via public transport, we chose to travel with a tour guide and so, I started to communicate with Sarath on our plans and places with are interested in going. Sarath is very fast and efficient in responding us. He is experienced and has great knowledge on his country. As both of us are architects, we told Sarath that we wanted to visit the great Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa’s work. To our amazement, Sarath planned the trips very well and we are very happy that we finally visited Geoffrey’s work. It was like a dream come true.

We arrived at the Bandaranaike airport at midnight and we saw Sarath giving us a warm welcome with our name on. He made sure we checked-in safely in the hotel before going home. Next day, we started our honeymoon trip and it was really amazing. Sri Lanka has so much to offer : busy city life in Colombo, cultural history sites, beautiful quaint lanes in housing areas, beautiful beaches, delicious food, beautiful nature and greens, amazing beach, great weather and most importantly, Sri Lankan are very friendly. The fact that we have a great tour guide has made this trip even more wonderful. Sarath’s partner, Asanka followed us through the trip and has really good driving skills in Sri Lanka. We visited Colombo, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Dhambula, Unawatuna beach, Port Mirissa, Whale watching in Indian Ocean and Galle in 6 days. Sarath arranged our accomodations according to our budget and we were very happy with the arrangement.

Sarath and family has hosted us for two nights in his little own cottage behind his house in Kandy. It was a really amazing experience living with a real Sri Lankan family and that was indeed a part which we always like – to interact and made friends with locals. We had a great time chatting and spending time chilling together at night, after nice Sri Lankan dinner prepared by Sarath’s wife after a day’s trip. I have to say here that the food prepared by Sarath’s wife is the best of all the meals we took in Sri Lanka. His daughter is also a friendly person. They have a beautiful dog which is the centre of the family. Sarath brought us to see tea plantation in Kandy and Kandy Viewpoints, overlooking the town in the morning and at night, he arranged a tuk-tuk driver to take us around the Kandy town to enjoy the lights and immerse in Vesak festival celebration in Kandy. It is a truly special and beautiful experience. We felt at home and happy throughout our stay in Kandy.

Sarath suggested and made arrangement for us to spend sometime in one of the BEST beach in Sri Lanka – Unawatuna. We were amazed by the beauty of the beach. It is truly beautiful as it is not exploit as a tourism spot yet. The beach is not crowded, giving a sense of serenity and tranquillity.

Overall, we really had an unforgettable honeymoon within our budget. It was a short time but sweet.
Not only we get to visit the works of the great Sri Lankan architect, we enjoyed seeing the culture and life in the beautiful country, living with the locals and smiles like them. They made us feel that happiness can be very simple.

To those considering travelling to Sri Lanka, we highly recommend Sarath as your tour guide.

Your trip will not go wrong with him as your tour guide!! Happy Travelling in Sri Lanka!”