Lena and Philipp – Dec 2012 (English)

We liked our holiday in Sri Lanka very much.

Lena: I liked the Leopard, and the Elephant that stood on the road, and the blue whale, and the monkey with clothes on that jumped on my head. And I liked the people who could walk on the fire and spit fire. I liked the man who could climb up the coconut tree and pluck the coconuts. I also liked the hotels, best I liked the one in Kandy, and the one in Ella with the nice dog called Cola. I liked everything.

Philipp: I liked the leopard, and the rabbit, and the safari, and when your tummy burst because you ate so much curry, but it was only a balloon that you put inside your shirt. I liked your fish named Obama. I liked the turtle hatchery with the baby turtles. I liked the fisherman who sits on a pole in the water, especially the one who gave me a fish. I liked everything, too.