Monika – Jul/Aug 2011(English)

My husband, our son and I decided to travel to Sri Lanka for the summer holidays 2011. We heard from many people that it is a beautiful country. And it is true, but mostly because of our dear friend Sarath. We found Sarath on the internet while checking the best possible way to travel around the island with an experienced guide. Luckily we found him. We exchanged few e-mail, express our wishes and everything was done, simple like that. Sarath picked us up in Colombo and then we took a trip around Sri Lanka for 16 days in July and August. Sarath organized everything, prepared a great itinerary for us and booked beautiful hotels in advance, like he already knew us before.

We did not know a lot about Sri Lanka before, so we asked Sarath many question about the history, nature, culture, economy and even politics. He really is a knowledgeable man. But also very funny, we laughed a lot while travelling with him, exchanged many funny stories, we become true friends.

And there is something our son will never forget. Sarath invited us home to meet his lovely wife and daughter. It was the day Matt was getting 12 and his family prepared a celebration for him, with a birthday cake!!! It was great, something that only a person like Sarath is able to do.

We really had great holidays in Sri Lanka, because Sarath was the one who made it for us. For sure, we will be back some day again, and for sure we will take Sarath again. He is a special man, always kind, polite and patient, and full of life experiences.

We truly hope that some of you, who are reading this lines, will have a chance to meet Sarath, Geetha, Nadi and his talking dog Chuti and have unforgettable holidays in a holy island of Sri Lanka.